Diamond and demantoid set earrings with a pair of moldavite drops—natural green glass formed from terrestrial debris ejected during a meteorite impact 15 million years ago. An asteroid with a circumference of 1.5 km (0.9 miles) entered Earth's atmosphere with a speed of 20 kilometres per second (12.5 mi/s), passed the atmosphere in course of just a few seconds without losing much of it velocity, and impacted the ground in the region between present-day Nuremberg, Stuttgart and Munich. The impact crater from this event, the Nördlinger Ries, is well-preserved to this day, but due to its size—its circumference measures 24 km (15 mi)—it is only recognizable from the air. Fractions of a second before the impact, the extreme temperature and pressure of the air between the Earth’s surface and the approaching asteroid melted and then evaporated the soil just beneath. The compressed air ejected the evaporated soil at a velocity that significantly exceeded that of the incoming asteroid, so that the liquid rock splatters cooled down and became green glass drops while they were still airborne. They fell in present-day Bohemia and Moravia regions of the Czech Republic (about 450 km away from the site of the original impact), where they are still found today. One of a kind.